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The only company elevating education and training providers to an academic-level of quality

If you run an education company, you have a strong vision.

Whether it is to change the education system or to give an opportunity to those that didn’t have any so they can attain their goals, we share it – but we also know that it will never happen unless:

• Our industry stops being labeled as “alternative education”

• Your courses reach a near-perfect standard of quality

• Your students stay longer and want more

• Your students bring in more students

At, our mission is to help you create the most exciting educational products in the market, turning you into the best in your area.


What is ProEd, and what can we do for you?

Our name is short for Profitable Education, and it is both a mission statement and a benefit.

We don’t make educational products: We make your educational solution the best in its niche, and we do it so that your customers become returning clients. So that education becomes accessible to more people, at a higher quality, making it profitable both for you as educator, and for your audience as students.

We believe that if students are willing to invest time and resources in themselves, providers should do the same and invest effort and commitment into achieving a level of quality that not even universities can match.

You can achieve product perfection.
We’re here to elevate education. Together.

Want to know where to start from?
Take a look at our new initiative below:

The First-Ever Alternative Education Study

You know you’re in a pioneering, trailblazing industry when consulting firms like McKinsey, the BCG and Gartner do NOT produce a yearly onslaught of studies and data for CEOs to read.

We’ve decided to take that in our own hands and lead the first alternative education study.

You have a chance to be part of it. Topics:

Scalability vs Personalization:
Struggle to scale courses without sacrificing quality.

Market Saturation:
Difficulty in differentiating course offerings in a crowded market.

Cost and Revenue Balance:
Challenges in managing quality content and instructors against revenue.

Navigating shifts in market demand to maintain a strong brand position.

Client Retention:
High attrition rates and difficulty in maintaining long-term relationships with learners.

Meet our founder

Kyri Nahlis built one of the largest courses within the innovation and product development industry in Europe. Kyri fell into the education and training business by accident but quickly fell in love with the vocation.

After building a $10M innovation training programme and heading the innovation-training curriculum for over 32 UK government departments and entities, Kyri found a passion for building training programmes generally in education, realising that there was market potential to innovate the education and training market.

He has since worked with creators & education providers online with audiences totalling over 600,000 people and led launches of 7-Figure educational products.

Kyri founded ProEd with the purpose of making education exciting and accessible  – which is something that rarely happens in the traditional education system, and that he believes ruins many people’s passion for learning.